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Help prevent the spread of weeds - wash you bike

1 September 2014 » View complete article

The Cranky Penguin

The Cranky Penguin Mountain Bike Marathon is back on Sunday February 1st, 2015  

Time: 8am

Are you up to the challenge!!

The Dial Range has been a well kept secret for local mountain-bikers. But it is time that all mountain-bikers become aware of the fantastic mountain bike trails that snake their way through these hills.

The Cranky Penguin

The event will cover 70 kilometres of everything that mountain biking can offer. Challenging descents, climbs that suit the mountain goats, exhilarating and free flowing descents, a river side trail that will slow you down as you will feel the need to take in the scenery, and on it goes.

The “Not So Cranky”

Riders can opt for the slightly easier “Not So Cranky” 40KM version, which will take in the same course without doing the extra loop that is added for The Cranky.

For a review of the inaugural 2013 event, go to the Tassie Rambler Cranky Penguin.

The Venue

The start and finish will be based at the Northwest Athletic Centre, which is on the northern side of the road from the Mountain Bike Park.

This venue will contain change rooms, showers, toilets, a canteen, PA system, etc. Parking will be on the grass areas which are between the Mountain Bike Park and the Athletic Centre.

Please do not park on the side of the road.

The finish of the event will be in the middle of the infield of the athletic centre.

Event details



Plus mtba license



For more info and Entries call Cradle Coast MTB Club on